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Ben10 Mr. Smoothie Cups

⋆ BEN10 ⋆ Reusable Mr. Smoothie Cups

  • These Mr. Smoothie cups are made with hard acrylic plastic and are handwash safe! Each cup can hold 16 oz of fluid and each face is printed on with permanent vinyl. 

    Each cup is made to order, and will take about 1-2 days to complete and mail out :)

    Each OMNIVERSE cup comes with a pink straw and green lid :)
    Each ALIEN FORCE cup comes with a red straw and white lid :)


    The Mr smoothie cups are NOT dishwasher safe, they are HANDWASH only, when you go to clean the outside be cautious of the face, if you scrub too hard ( AND I MEAN LIKE, SCRUB SCRUB) then it may cause damage or distortion to the mouth

    These cups were incredibly difficult to receive, which is why the price is a bit higher than I was anticipating, but I promise the quality and the reusable aspect of these cups make it worth it! Also, it's great for ben10 cosplay :D.

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